Daily Habits that damage Seriously The Liver

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«We all know that the best way to destroy a liver is alcohol,» he says Mrs. Aravantinou. «However, according to what has been published in the literature, there are other active ways to» achieve «one the same effect.»

Obesity harm our liver, because the fat – in addition to the rest of the body – and stored in the liver cells, and this may lead to non-alcoholic, inflammatory liver disease (NAFLD). Middle-aged and people with diabetes are at higher risk for developing NAFLD. There is no cure, but proper diet along with exercise can partially regress the disease.

The many sugars are known to damage the health of teeth, but not so well known that they are also harmful for the health of the liver. This is because the instrument uses a type of sugar, fructose, for the fat composition. Large amounts of refined sugar syrup and high fructose corn cause fat accumulation, which can lead to liver disease. Some studies have shown that sugar can have on the liver similar harmful effects of alcohol, even in people with normal weight. So many sweets and soft drinks are banned if we want to keep our liver healthy.

Vitamin A is found in eggs, the milk, fresh fruits and vegetables and more to those who have red, orange or yellow. Many dietary supplements also contain vitamin A as it is said, without being documented, it helps to improve vision, strengthen bones and strengthening the immune system. In large doses, vitamin A is toxic to the liver. The safe dose is determined each time by the attending physician.

To monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer in many processed foods from potato chips to the various diet drinks. It may appear on product labels as hydrolysed vegetable protein, yeast extract or soy extract. Several animal studies have shown that this component may make the fatty liver or even lead to inflammatory conditions which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty infiltration of the liver (NAFLD), and even liver neoplasm. If monosodium glutamate has the same effects in humans, it is still under investigation.

The camphor is derived from a plant which grows primarily in Asia. Its leaves contain a chemical (terpenoides) which reduces swelling and keeps the skin healthy. We find in ointments with antitussive and decongestant of the mucous membranes of the nose action. Along with camphor contained, however, and chemicals harmful to the liver. For this reason, should not be made using continuous product and classifies containing camphor for more than 10 days or for more than six weeks in total over a year.

Many antidepressant or an anti-inflammatory even Paracetamol in large dose and for a long time, can cause liver damage. The risk is greater for seniors who are taking other medications at the same time, for example, statins.

Various nutritional supplements, herbal characterized as hazardous for the liver. A hazardous ingredient is the kava kava, a plant that relieves the symptoms of menopause and helps in relaxation. Studies have shown that it can stop the function of the liver, causing hepatitis and liver failure. Some countries have even restrict and prohibit the use, but is still available in the US

Mind the tattoos or piercing, which is very fashionable in recent years. The tools used must be properly sterilized because otherwise the risk of infection with the hepatitis C virus leaps to soar.

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